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Helping Parents Establish Parenting Plans & Access Schedules

If you did not win child custody rights after your divorce finalized, you are likely concerned about when you will be able to see your children. Visitation and access schedules allow a noncustodial parent to spend time with his or her children following a divorce. While it is true that visitation can be set unofficially between both parents, it is also true that many cases require some sort of legal action due to preexisting contention and past fights.

Phillip M. Herr, Attorney at Law, takes a compassionate and understanding approach when handling family law disputes, including visitation and access cases. We know that you, your ex-spouse, and your children will benefit the most by finding an amicable solution with as little conflict as possible. By staying in regular contact with you and truly listening to what you would like out of a visitation schedule, we hope to make this process as smooth and simple as possible.

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Deciding on the Visitation Plan for You

In order to resolve disagreements or come to a decision sooner than later, some divorcing couples choose to rely on a fixed visitation and access schedule.

A fixed visitation schedule will likely cover:

  • Preset times for visitations
  • Predetermined locations for visitations
  • Discouraging ample parent contact to avoid more conflict
  • Court penalties for breaking schedule

You might not be comfortable knowing that the times and days you get to see your children are so rigid. Like many other divorced parents, you and your ex-spouse may conclude that it is better for your children if there is flexibility to visitations. In order for a flexible visitation schedule to work, there must be collaboration and a willingness to work together towards one goal. Uncontested divorces are more likely to include an agreed visitation schedule, rather than a visitation schedule imposed by a Court, so long as the Court agrees that it is in the best interest of your child.

A customized parenting plan can cover:

  • Clear holiday schedules
  • Expectations of both parents
  • How to request or approve plan modifications

In situations where you and your ex-spouse can get along and make a parenting plan of your own, you should not rely solely on a verbal contract. You will want your agreement written, reviewed by a lawyer, signed, and approved by the court.

16 Years of Family Law Experience at Your Service

When you retain the services of Flower Mound child visitation attorney Phillip M. Herr, you will find that family law disputes can be less conflict and more cooperation. We are committed to doing everything we can to keep your family out of tumultuous situations that could arise due to visitation schedules and access agreements. This has been his approach to divorce cases for more than a decade, and it has worked wonders for his clients so far.

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