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As a dedicated law firm with a passion for representing clients in all matters related to Texas family law, the Law Office of Phillip M. Herr, PLLC is pleased to offer collaborative law services for clients wishing to pursue a collaborative divorce. Discover the advantages of collaborative law and how this process can benefit you and your family by consulting with Phillip M. Herr, Attorney at Law.

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What Is Collaborative Law?

In traditional divorce proceedings, the governing standard is simply "winning." Couples strive for the results that they believe to be fair, but in order to achieve those results, they are almost encouraged to find fault with the other party. The process is by nature contentious, adding to a situation that is already stressful enough.

A collaborative divorce is different. Collaborative law provides couples with a concrete method of avoiding conflict in a confidential environment. The couple can achieve results under the principle of full and open disclosure that seeks to minimize disputes and contention.

Collaborative law is something more couples are using to speed up the divorce process. It requires viewing the divorce in a problem-solving and troubleshooting frame of mind rather than considering it a battle to be won. In other words, the people involved opt to negotiate instead of litigate.

We are proud to offer clients representation in the area of collaborative law. We are here to help you avoid court and achieve an amicable divorce. Speak with Phillip M. Herr, Attorney at Law, to learn more about this method and the benefits of collaborative divorce.

Top Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Many clients have reported great success after finalizing their divorce with a collaborative approach.

Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Protecting your privacy in a confidential environment
  • Using the principles of full and open disclosure
  • Staying out of the courtroom, which saves you time and money
  • The atmosphere tends to be more relaxed so people feel freer to exchanged information in an open, casual, and honest manner

Discuss Your Options with Phillip M. Herr, Attorney at Law

How the process works involves each party hiring his or her own attorney. Each spouse meets with his or her attorney without the other spouse present. During this meeting, a spouse will inform his or her lawyer what his or her ideal settlement will be. Then, both spouses and their attorneys meet together on a regular basis until both sides agree on the solution. Collaborative law may also involve a communications coach to serve as a mediator between the parties.

You should know all your options when it comes to divorce. Our firm is here to give you the answers and the information that you need. We are passionate, caring, professional, and motivated. You can rely on us for the representation necessary to achieve your goals. If your goals include preserving your family's relationships and achieving a thoughtful and harmonious divorce process, you may want to consider collaborative law.

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    Phillip M. Herr

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    Mr. Herr was an Associate Judge for Title IV-D Court #35. He has been licensed to practice law for over 15 years. Mr. Herr is experienced in the courtroom, ranging from contested trials to simple prove-ups. Mr. Herr is licensed to practice law in courts in the State of Texas, the United States Tax Court, and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas.


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