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Ensuring Financial Stability for Your Children

In the state of Texas, parents are legally obligated to provide financial support to their children. This means that non-custodial parents may be ordered to pay child support until their child is 18 years old or until their child receives a high school diploma.

At the Law Office of Phillip M. Herr, PLLC, we are committed to helping our clients navigate child support disputes as they work toward finalizing their divorce. Whether we can resolve the issue through negotiation or need to take the case to trial, we do not stop fighting until we obtain the results you are seeking. Your needs and your child’s best interests are our highest priorities.

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Child Support Requirements in Texas

Texas Family Code Section 151.001(a) specifies that parents have a duty to support children by providing:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Medical and dental care
  • Education
  • Shelter

If you do not have primary physical custody of your child, you may be ordered to pay child support to assist the possessory conservator parent.

Child Support Guidelines

Texas provides guidelines for establishing child support. These guidelines are based on income and other resources. The amount of child support is based upon a parent’s “net” resources. There are certain deductions that can be made to calculate a parent’s “net” resources. Parents required to pay child support must pay a certain percentage of their monthly income and other resources.

If you have:

  • For one child, you will pay 20% of your net monthly resources
  • For two children, you will pay 25% of your net monthly resources
  • For three children, you will pay 30% of your net monthly resources
  • For four children, you will pay 35% of your net monthly resources
  • For five children, you will pay 40% of your net monthly resources

Modifying a Child Support Order

There are two grounds to request a modification. First, you can request modifications to a child support order if you or your child's other parent experiences a material and substantial change in circumstances. The Texas Family Code provides for a modification of child support under certain circumstances, such as loss of employment, change of conservatorship, birth of another child, or increase in a parents' salary. Second, there other ground for a modification requires that three (3) years of elapsed since the last order and a specific calculation as to the amount of the difference for the child support. Our Flower Mound child support attorney can answer your questions about qualifying for a child support order modification.

For additional information or to arrange a consultation, call Phillip M. Herr, Attorney at Law, today at (469) 314-9216.

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