6 Tips to Help Deal with the Stress of Divorce

Divorce is associated with a lot of stress and other negative emotions which can impede your ability to function properly in your everyday life. The best way to deal with stress is to relax, let go of what is bothering you, and just let things happen. After doing all of that, you can focus on maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle that is all about moving forward instead of remaining in a negative state.

If the stress of divorce results in multiple issues that affect your everyday life, consider the following tips to help deal with it and help you feel better:

  1. Stay physically fit. Following a regular exercise routine can help relieve anger, anxiety, and stress. Consistent exercise is an effective way to improve emotional wellbeing and lift your spirits.
  2. Perform activities which nurture you both emotionally and physically. Get involved in a new hobby, take a hot bath, get an ample amount of rest, read a good book, and surround yourself with a group of supportive, positive people. Live the type of lifestyle which harnesses good self-worth.
  3. Let go of problems beyond your control. Learn to let go of uncomfortable situations and take a step back in order to determine what’s best for you. Stay focused on what you can control rather than what you cannot.
  4. Avoid making hasty decisions. Any decisions you make when you are stressed out are often rushed and impulsive. Always take the time to think things through and review all of your options. Instead of emotional thinking, use logical thinking to make your decisions.
  5. Change your expectations. As we mentioned above, letting go of problems beyond your control also means letting go of certain expectations. Do not lose sleep over what your spouse may feel, what actions he or she may take, and what the outcome should be. Learn to accept things for what they are.
  6. Allow yourself to feel. Stress is normal in divorce, so do not beat yourself up for feeling so bad. Instead of running away from your feelings and substituting them with destructive behaviors, such as drinking or taking drugs, it is wise to find your support group to vent to and get those feelings out.

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