3 Tips for Communicating with Your Ex During the Divorce Process

Divorce is rarely easy for anyone. However, you can make the divorce process faster by learning to communicate effectively and by reducing your chances of turning a discussion into an argument. Here are three tips you can apply to help make the process a little more comfortable.

Tip 1: Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one of the most important things you and your ex can do for each other. As a former couple, you and your ex are so familiar with each other it will be easy for you to cross boundaries without realizing it. Agree on how best to communicate with each other, whether that be over the phone, through email, or by text. Choose whatever method is least contentious or hurtful.

Tip 2: Focus on the Issues

One of the boundaries you should set is sticking to a single subject. If you and your ex need to discuss child custody, stick to talking about child custody, work schedules, and so on. Keep from placing blame or shifting the subject to something that makes one of you angry.

Tip 3: Watch Your Tone

When communicating with someone you may not like, it’s easy to default into a harsher tone. Sarcasm, raised voices, or mocking tones should be avoided when having a discussion. Speak to your ex like you would want to be spoken to or as if you were talking to a stranger. This effort might be difficult, but it will prevent the discussion from escalating into a fight. By keeping an even tone, you can foster an atmosphere of open and respectful communication, which can be more helpful to the divorce process.

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