Dating During Divorce - Is It a Good Idea?

Divorces are often complicated and emotionally overwhelming. Due to the frustrations and agony associated with divorce, many people often can’t wait to move on from their marriage and start dating again – even before the divorce is finalized. So is that a good idea?

The following are reasons why it is best to hold off entering the dating scene again before the divorce is over:

  1. Have a negative impact on your final settlement. Dating someone before the divorce is final can be used against you as evidence that you were unfaithful to your spouse during marriage. If you have children, your soon-to-be-ex spouse could use it against you in a child custody battle.
  2. Lead to a more complex divorce. Although dating may not harm you legally, it could result in a much longer and messier divorce, which means a more costly one as well. By dating so soon, your spouse could become hurt or angry, leading to a more complicated divorce process.
  3. Traumatize your children. Divorce can be an extremely difficult time for all parties involved, especially children. While they are dealing with the permanent separation of the family unit, bring someone new into their lives can make the situation much more difficult and harder to cope.
  4. Unfair to the other person. Since divorces can last months – or even years to complete – are you ready to devote your time and efforts into building another relationship? It is wise to take some time off to consider the possibility of even making someone new a significant part of your life. Rushing into a new relationship may not be fair to the other person.

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